All of our services have been available internationally since 2006 and are managed in collaboration with our European office.


We work to ensure that your budget is spent only on what you need and want: enrolled patients. We are confident enough in our abilities that we tie our service fees directly to well-defined parameters such as enrollment and/or referral results.


Our proprietary® enrollment management tool provides detailed enrollment tracking and outcome information available to sponsors 24/7. The secure web-based portal allows sites to manage the pre-enrollment patient flow by providing customized step by step tracking of each protocol-related activity. This results in rapid and efficient statusing of each patient, streamlining information flow between sites and sponsors.


Your program will be assigned a dedicated Program Manager with several years of experience in patient recruitment and enrollment. This single point of contact ensures that your program’s communications and outcomes are optimally efficient. ThreeWire prides itself on managing each program with the same level of care and commitment that you yourself would use.


Working well with sites is one of the things that we do best. We understand that each site and study coordinator is unique and we will work to maximize efficiency for sites and potential patients. Our proprietary enrollment management tool,®, makes it easy to update the status of each patient. Alternatively, if sites prefer to call, e-mail or fax their updates, we can accommodate that too.


ThreeWire can place a full or part-time Enrollment Assistant at selected sites to supplement workflow where it’s needed. This provides targeted expertise when and where sites need it the most, resulting in maximizing the enrollment results and value of your study.


Many sites have potential protocol-eligible patients within their sites, but they often lack the time and resources needed to access them. Finding current patients is the most time and cost-effective way to work toward meeting enrollment goals. We can help. Our Chart Review service rapidly and efficiently assists sites with identifying and contacting their own qualified patients based on the study’s unique protocol criteria.


CHTs are investigator-led seminars that are designed to inform and pre-qualify potential study candidates. ThreeWire takes care of all of the meeting planning, set-up and registration. Additionally, CHTs can make the informed consent process more efficient for sites and patients.


ThreeWire’s in-house Patient Interaction Center® utilizes a combination of highly trained nurses and Patient Service Representatives to thoroughly screen and follow-up with each patient. The combination of our people, an IRB-approved screening guide, and our proprietary technology platform consistently produces the highest quality referrals. Our staff’s disciplined follow-up procedures ensure that no patient is left behind. Study sites have consistently validated our performance and value with their positive feedback.


Our media strategy is developed with the same rigor as you used to develop your study. We use a detailed combination of demographic, psychographic and geographic profiles to target a specific patient population. Using unique toll-free numbers, we analyze the response data and plan accordingly to provide the best possible value and coverage for your program.


Our study-specific websites provide information and pre-screening tools to potential patients. They can be used as support for a media campaign or as an independent marketing tool. Patients have access to the sites 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. We track each visitor from their source and use this information to optimize your outreach budget.


We employ a broad array of online and social media outreach tactics geared to specific patient and caregiver profiles whenever they will deliver the greatest value in terms of time and cost-per-patient.


Our process for design and concept development includes market research and concept testing with patients to successfully pinpoint and understand the target audience and spark a call to action.


We create customized site materials kits, including flyers, brochures, posters and other media for use at and around investigator sites. These materials are a great way to stimulate interest for potential patients at participating sites and also help to keep your study “top of mind” for site and study staff.