It isn’t advertising or fancy creative concepts that drive success with marketing medical devices to patients – it’s economics. The only successful patient marketing programs are those that drive acceptable returns on investment in the form of incremental sales. At ThreeWire, we not only understand this – it drives the planning and execution of every marketing system we design and launch.

ThreeWire was founded in 1999 as the first marketing firm in the world dedicated to marketing medical devices to patients. Since that time, we have provided patient marketing services to more than 75 medical device companies ranging from early stage to top 5 global firms. Our experience encompasses virtually every therapeutic area in the medical device industry and more than 2,000 physician practices.

Don’t be fooled by ad agencies that try to pass themselves off as medical device industry experts or those that try to equate consumer marketing with patient marketing. Medical devices are not consumer products.

At ThreeWire, we are medical device people. We’ll show you how many patients we’ll deliver, how we’ll do it and what you’ll pay us, all before we ask you to sign a contract.