Successfully marketing your product to patients requires much more than media outreach and a directory of your physician users. It’s all about return-on-investment. Unless program costs are in line with the resulting returns in the form of product revenue increases, it won’t be sustainable. Advertising costs don’t drive success with patient marketing, costs-per-patient do. Unfortunately, many advertising agencies will be more than happy to take your money (and the media commissions that come with it) whether or not they believe or know if it will deliver acceptable returns. Don’t let them experiment with your money. ThreeWire will build a realistic patient marketing model and ROI forecast using our years of experience and data from previous similar programs, all before you spend a dime. We’ll show you:

  • Which forms of media will work and why
  • Forecasted costs-per-patient
  • Factors that will drive conversion at various points in your marketing funnel and how to manage them
  • How to work with your physicians while complying with legal and regulatory requirements

If the patient marketing economics for your product don’t add up to what we believe can be a successful and sustainable program, we’ll tell you that too.