Since using a patient recruitment and enrollment company is all about saving money, it’s important for you to understand how that will be accomplished. Every clinical trial protocol, list of site locations and targeted patient population are unique. An easy way to understand this is to divide fixed monthly trial cost (or burn rate in the case of a pre-revenue company) by average monthly enrollments to determine cost-per-enrolled patient. Adding forecasted ThreeWire investment and enrollments to this calculation will yield the per-patient cost savings – it’s that simple.

We’ll show you how many patients we can deliver for your study, how we’ll do it, the time we’ll save you and what you’ll pay us, all before we ask you to sign a contract. Our years of medical device experience enable careful planning and modeling using real-time historical data and metrics. We can also pilot our services at selected sites and geographies which, when time permits is not only wise, but allows you to work with us without having to commit to a huge investment.

Don’t be taken in by companies that only offer cookie cutter price lists for services or that show enrollment or time forecasts without the models to back them up. If their numbers were developed using realistic assumptions they should be willing to share them with you. You have too much at stake – a single added month of unnecessary enrollment time to a pre-revenue medical device company can add more than $1 million to the cost of their services.